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      CPD employee charged with DUI

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - Twenty-four year old Bridget Caffery was arrested three days after Christmas for driving under the influence.

      Caffery is a civilian employee for the Columbia Police Department.

      On December 28, 2013, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety conducted a driver's license check at SC 277 and Parklane Road.

      According to the incident report, Caffery stopped on the ramp nearly causing a collision.

      A trooper approached her car, stating in the incident report that Caffery's light blue SUV smelled of alcohol.

      Troopers added in the report that Caffery told them she was driving from downtown, and only had two drinks.

      The troopers conducted a field sobriety test where Caffery had problems maintaining her balance on several of the commands given.

      Due to her inability to safely complete the test, troopers decided to charge her with a DUI, first offense.

      WACH Fox put in a FOIA request to obtain dash cam video of the arrest.

      Caffery is heard on the dash cam asking if Chief Rueben Santiago, former Chief Randy Scott, and Sheriff Leon Lott would please show up to the jail.

      Spokespersons for both CPD and the RCSD confirmed to WACH Fox that Santiago, Scott, nor Lott showed up to the jail.

      Jennifer Timmons with CPD adds that depending on the outcome of the State Department of Public Safety's investigation, Caffery may or may not face disciplinary action.

      According to the Columbia Police Department website, Caffery works as an Intelligence Analyst.