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      CPD introduces new high tech tool to help protect the community

      Columbia, S.C. (WACH) - The Columbia Police Department has added a new piece off technology to help curb crime and investigate cases.

      Some officers will now wear a body cam on their uniforms while on duty.

      "People make judgment calls on what was done, what was said either by the officer or by the public and this was a great way to provide all of that information," said Lt. Joseph Rowson.

      Two seconds from being activated, the device will have a 63 degree span, picking up the visuals and sounds in front of the officer.

      Officers will wear the device on their upper body, turning the body cam on during police related calls.

      Once the officer has captured their footage, the video will be uploaded for observation.

      Rowson says the tool will be non-bias during an investigation, and a good item to have overall.

      "Anytime you have a dispute of an individualâ??s actions, it's always good to have that independent witness there and that's how we see any camera system," said Rowson.

      So far, CPD has 12 body cams and has only distributed 10 to units, including the traffic department and officers on foot patrol in Five Points.

      Officials tell WACH Fox that officers tested out the body cam less than a week ago, deciding to put them to use over the weekend in Five Points. In less than seven days of its debut, Lt. Rowson says the small device has already captured incidents that will be used in court.

      "We would hope that just the presence or the visibility of the camera would help to settle disturbances," added Rowson. "We're not trying to hide the fact that we're carrying these cameras either."

      While the body cam is being used in hospitality districts and during traffic stops, Rowson says it is the desire of the Columbia Police Department to utilize the body cam throughout all areas in Columbia.