CPD: USC student who claims man tried to kidnap her lied

18-year old Rachel Mosser is accused of lying when she told police man tried to abduct her in broad daylight.

OLUMBIA (WACH) â?? Columbia Police have arrested a young woman who reported a man tried to kidnap her Tuesday morning on the University of South Carolina campus.

18-year old Rachel Mosser is charged with filing a false report and false swearing.

CPD Investigators have determined that Mosser lied when telling CPD and USC Division of Law Enforcement and Safety Officers that a black male tried to take her against her will as she walked along the 600 block of Pickens Street this morning.

Chief Santiago says, "The suspect tied up valuable law enforcement resources, time and energy in trying to locate the so-called suspect. This case should be a clear example of how lying to police will get you in trouble every time. The suspect is now headed to jail, facing felony charges for making up a crime."