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      Craving a different kind of nourishment

      COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - The Oliver Gospel Mission is a place several men go to seek shelter, guidance, and most importantly, food.

      "Oliver Gospel Mission sees one of our important missions as feeding of those in need," said Wayne Fields, CEO of Oliver Gospel Mission.

      Wayne says food is a starting point to a new life, because it is a way to having more of a fulfilling ministry with men who seek help at the mission.

      Each day of the week at noon, a group of men in the Mission's recovery program bow their heads for grace. While the men may be hungry for food, on the inside they also have a need to be spiritually fed.

      "Even in the bible, Jesus met physical needs," said Fields. "He was more interested in meeting spiritual needs, and we find that many of the men that come to the mission, they are not only hungry for physical food, but they are hungry for spiritual food."

      Staff is available and ready to help with those kinds of needs. They work together towards a goal, which help men in the program get back on their feet.

      Fields says that being a part of the mission puts everyone on equal footing, adding that attitudes are changed and their outlook on life is better.

      "We've seen men get jobs, get back in the work place, and they've saved their money. They're able to get a place to live," said Fields

      Making them responsible men in the society.