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      Cutting edge interactive map gives Newberry County residents better access to safety information

      NEWBERRY, SC (WACH) - A state of the art interactive mapping program that will allow the public access to the day to day operations of public safety in Newberry County was unveiled Monday afternoon.

      The Newberry County Sheriff's Office, who is partnering with WTH Technology, unveiled the internet mapping technology at a press conference Monday.

      Authorities say people will be able to go to the map to see all of the calls dispatched for all county and city public agencies in Newberry County. They will also be able to search for specific dates or agencies.

      The project has been in the works for the last couple of years and the department is paying about $8,000 for it.

      "We believe that this is going to be an invaluable tool and open access for the people and the public safety responders of Newberry County to share information to increase our cooperation and partnership," said Sheriff Lee Foster.

      The sheriff's office will post their calls for service to the map where people can search all incident types, specific incident types, or by any specific criteria they chose with a special search. All registered sex offenders in the county will be mapped to the system as well.

      A feature of the technology allows members of the community to sign up to receive an email when a call or incident occurs within a radius of their home. The program will allow the citizens to choose the radius from which they would like to receive the e mails making the system customizable to the users wishes.

      "It's going to have the ability to email you, if you choose, information to your telephone when a crime is occuring in your genearl neighborhood," said Foster.

      Breaking information will be updated in real time and reports will be on the website in two hours.

      Officials say the project requires too much data to work on smart phones, but it works on iPads and other tablets. It is another resource the department can turn to in case of emergency.

      To learn more and to sign up, click here.