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      Cynthia Hardy weighs in on her marijuana citation

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Radio and television host Cynthia Hardy is speaking out after being charged with posession of marijuana at the South Carolina State Fair.

      Hardy was entering the fairgrounds Wednesday for a live broadcast of OnPoint! on WACH when Sheriff Leon Lott says deputies found a cigar case containing a 'partially burned blunt' and a 'rolled up blunt' (approximately 2 grams) containing marijuana in her purse.

      According to deputies Hardy was issued a citation for simple possession of marijuana and at the request of the South Carolina State Fair Hardy was escorted off the property.

      Thursday afternoon Hardy released this statement to WACH Fox: "As you all know, I have been very outspoken on my radio show OnPoint with Cynthia Hardy about drug use and its effects on our communities. I do not condone marijuana usage. I regret the misunderstanding and unfortunate turn of events at the SC State Fair. I ask for your support during this time as I look forward to my day in court."

      Hardy also sat down with WACH Fox's Alexis King to talk about what happened. You can watch that interview in the video above.

      OnPoint! on WACH airs Sunday mornings 9:30 on WACH Fox.OnPoint! with Cynthia Hardy airs Sunday nights 6 on 101.3 FM WWDM.