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      Dad of missing family in park: "I felt like the world's worst father"

      HOPKINS, SC (WACH) - The father and his two children that have been missing for more than two days in the Congaree National Park, talked about their experience Tuesday afternoon.

      J.R. Kimbler says after being lost for several days, he's never returning to the Congaree National Park.

      Kimbler and his two children, Dakota Kimbler, 10, and Jade Kimbler, 6, were rescued around 4:30 a.m., Tuesday. The family had been lost since last Saturday night.

      "Once it got dark, I knew we were in trouble," said Kimbler.

      A text message alerting a friend would take the last bit of battery Kimbler had on his phone, and shortly afterwards the three would find themselves walking in circles trying to get back to civilization.

      "The trails are not labeled well," added Kimbler.

      As time passed, and the three were still lost, J.R. says he started to feel like the worldâ??s worst father.

      "I was scared," said Dakota Kimbler.

      "We were starving," added J.R.

      The father told media that in order to stay hydrated they had to scrape bugs out of the water, and to stay warm, all three would gather close to one another.

      Once rescued, the Kimblerâ??s were taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors examined their conditions pumped each one with fluids.

      This makes the 11th search and rescue at the Congaree National Park, according to park rangers.