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      Danica Patrick's boyfriend in Columbia to unveil new lottery ticket

      COLUMBIA (WACH) - In just a few weeks, NASCAR fans will be tuning into Fox to see the Southern 500 from Darlington. Some lucky players have a chance courtesy of the "Lady in Black."

      The South Carolina Education Lottery had driver Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. in town to help unveil the Lottery's newest game, FAN-tastic, a tribute to the "Track too tough to tame."

      The game could payoff $100,000. The tickets are $5.

      Darlington Raceway President Chris Browning said of the Lottery's commitment to the track, "It makes me feel fantastic, no pun intended, we were on the endangered list for a while if you will but when we moved to Mother's Day in 2005. For that first Mother's Day event, it was very well received by our fans. The fans are the one's who deserve the credit. They've come out and supported this race track. We've had four straight sell-outs."

      Stenhouse,Jr. is known for his relationship to female driver Danica Patrick.

      The Southern 500 takes place May 12.