Day Trippin- Trip to Enoree River Vineyards

Enoree River Vineyards

Newberry-- You don't have to travel to California to find good wine. All you have to do is hop in your car, drive a few miles up I-26, and pull over in Newberry.

At Enoree River Vineyards, there's 18 acres of vines, all for your tasting pleasure.

Richard LaBarre has gone from wine enthusiast to wine maker.

The Vietnam veteran and his wife own and operate the vineyard. They specialize in sweeter wines.

LaBarre says, "You can't take the sweet tea out of a southerner so why take the sweet out of the wine?"

One of the sweetest wines is the muscadine blend. From planting to making it to the bottle, the process takes more than four years.

Robert Stocks is the man behind the vino magic. He a chemist of sorts. A wine maker, who doesn't even drink.

Stocks says, "It's trial and error. I've got recipes and we go from there."

Enoree River Vineyards also produces wines made from fruit juices.

"There's something for every wine lover here," says LaBarre.

LaBarre encourages folks to pack a picnic, enjoy the sites, and a nice glass of wine.

Tastings are only $3.50, and the wine doesn't cost much either. Most bottles sell for $12.