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      Deciding the future of a historical landmark

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- The fate of a 320,000 square foot warehouse is creating quite a stir in the Capital City.

      During a press conference Monday, concerned community members voiced their issues with a proposed plan for the Palmetto Compress Warehouse, and the city's involvment in the project.

      "City government has absolutely no business engaging public money of any kind in speculative real estate developement. Please leave that to the qualified real estate developers," said Dick Stanland during the press conference.

      Last month city council voted to hold on to the historic property, and give the private sector a chance to decide the fate of the warehouse.

      "The reality is, we had a huge public out cry from members of communities all across the city that really wanted to preserve this building," said councilman Brian Dequincey Newman.

      The council has been exploring different options for funding, such as the hospitality tax, but nothing is set in stone at this point.

      Council members hope to get a clear plan in place on how they will fund the purchase of the $6 million warehouse.