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      Defying the odds: Richard's Journey reaches a day no one thought was possible

      LEXINGTON (WACH) -- Stephanie McMillian's home is full of the Christmas spirit.

      Her tree is trimmed, presents are wrapped and her children are anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival.

      Her son Richard Culliver is hoping for a bow and arrow or his favorite WWE superstars, but for the mother of three she's received and early present... The gift of life.

      "It's not what it was supposed to be according to science and the medical world, so every time I think about the fact that we're still in tact, the four of us together and celebrating these days together... It was a gift," said McMillian.

      That gift coming in September a new MRI showed Culliver's tumor is nearly gone.

      Doctors say typically children suffering from the tumor Richard has survive no longer than twelve months.

      Last year Richard spent Christmas in the hospital and was unconscious most of the day.

      One year later McMillian is preparing for a holiday season with a new lease on life and a son who's defying the odds.

      "It overwhelms me with emotion every time I think about it because we get to do this again, you know nobody's ever promised tomorrow and we're nobody special but God had a reason to keep Richard here a little bit longer," adds McMillian.