Department Announces Driver Suspension Eligibility Week

Columbia, SC (WACH) - The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles hopes to help get people back to work with the help of a program that will be held in March.

The department announced Monday that it will kick off its second annual Driver Suspension Eligibility Week from March 5-9. As part of state law, the week will give drivers with suspended licenses a chance to get cleared and be able to get back on the road. The hope is that it will give residents the chance to look for employment.

Participants will still have to pay license and reinstatement fees.

Department of Motor Vehicle Executive Director Kevin Shwedo said its a great opportunity for anyone.

"Everybody knows during this period of time, getting to work and job opportunities is a critical event. Those individuals that have suspended licenses will accelerate the suspension piece and be able to get to work."

To qualify for the program, drivers must meet all of the conditions of their suspensions. All fees must be paid and SR-22 insurance must be filed, if required.

If a driver has more than one suspension, DMV will recalculate the suspension time.

Drivers with suspensions not covered by the program will still need to serve that suspension.

Drivers who have a clear record may apply for a driverâ??s license. Depending on the type of suspension, they may be required to take the vision, knowledge and road skills tests before getting a new driverâ??s license.

â??We encourage customers who believe they qualify for this program to start getting ready now. Find out exactly what you have to do and get it done. The sooner you start the process, the better off you are,â?? said Shwedo.

During Driver Suspension Eligibility Week, many DMV offices may experience a longer wait time due to the increased number of customers.

In 2011, 230 people participated and 371 suspensions were cleared in only 17 sites. This year, every location will be participating; including Saturday locations. To learn more, call 803-896-5000 or visit the SCDMV Web site at