Deputies learn to protect themselves while they protect others

Female Richland County deputies are learning how to protect themselves during female survival training.

RICHLAND COUNTY (WACH) -- Female deputies with the Richland County Sheriffâ??s Department have taken part in intense training this week geared specifically for women.

The sheriffâ??s department hosted another round of female deputy survival training.

Since women are built differently than men, the course teaches the deputies that size doesnâ??t matter when it comes to taking down a suspect.

The training hits close to home for Senior Deputy Aubree Torres. She had a close call with a suspect about a year ago.

â??I was in a knock down drag out fight and my gun was taken from me,â?? said Torres during training Thursday. â??I was fighting for my life.â??

For Torres and the other deputies, this training gives them the skills they need to escape potentially deadly situations like that.

The instructors teach the deputies defensive tactics, weapons retention, and to never give up in a fight.

This is the second time Deputy Terri Williams has helped put on the session.

â??Youâ??ve got to be able to rely on tactics a lot of times to give you the upper hand when youâ??re up against someone bigger and stronger than you,â?? said Williams.

While the women are all rooting for each other and having fun with the training, they understand the serious nature of what theyâ??re actually doing.

They say this training makes them feel more confident theyâ??ll be able to protect themselves, while they protect and serve.