Deputies: Mom had no idea burglar was hiding inside her house

KERSHAW (WACH) -Brent Allen Richardson, 22, is behind bars due to burglary charges he incurred after reportedly breaking into a home in Kershaw.

The Kershaw County Sheriffâ??s Office reports that on Monday, August 18th, a Kershaw mother came home with her two small children and took them upstairs to watch tv. When they got upstairs, the mother noticed a plastic bag on the floor with a make-shift ski mask lying on top of it. She had not noticed any signs of forced entry into the home, but still quickly got her children together and called her husband. The husband told his wife to get out of the house immediately. As the family was leaving the home, the mother encountered Richardson on the front porch. Richardson told her he was looking for his lost dog and left.

Kershaw County Sheriffâ??s deputies responded to the home with bloodhounds to help them track down Richardson. The bloodhounds did eventually lead deputies to Richardson, who was ultimately arrested.

Come to find out, Richardson reportedly was hiding in one of the childrenâ??s bedrooms upstairs when the family originally came home. When he heard the family, he locked the door and jumped out of the second story window to run away. After encountering the mother on the front porch, Richardson again entered the home in some way to gather the items he left behind. Richardson later admitted to being under the influence of Xanax.

â??The scenario which unfolded here is very alarming. A mother and her two little kids enter their home with no knowledge that an intruder is hiding inside. Fortunately, this intruder fled after jumping out of the two story window. Thankfully neither she nor the children were physically harmed, but the children are aware this guy was hiding in their bedroom and are afraid.â?? says Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews.

Richardson was taken to the Kershaw County Detention Center, where he remains after being unable to post a $30,000 bond. He reportedly just completed probation for a previous burglary and grand larceny arrest.