Deputies still searching for missing teen

Mariah Jade Carrion.

BLYTHEWOOD, SC (WACH) -- Richland County deputies are still searching for a missing teenager.

Sheriff Leon Lott says 16-year-old Mariah Carrion was last seen Tuesday at her home on Pine Grove road in Blythewood.

William Carrion, Mariah's father, says if he were to guess, Mariah is with friends.

"In social media being out there, I don't know that she may know the people she is with very well", said William.

Her father reported her missing on Tuesday when he returned home from work and found a letter stating that she was leaving.

Sheriff Lott also says that the teen has serious medical conditions that place her at risk. He hopes that someone in the community can help locate her.

Carrion says his daughter was a daddy's girl at one point in time. He says she is a girly girl who loves to shop and is very athletic.

"She likes to have a good time, laugh and cut up. We just want to get her back in that place," said Carrion.

Carrion received custody of Mariah two months ago. The dad describes their father daughter relationship as "great" since her move. He says he never though he'd see the day when Mariah would just leave.

"It was a situation where she was just in a bad place, and she's in a better place today. She just really doesn't see it that way," said Carrion.

She is described as a white female, 5'5" tall, 120 pounds, brown hair, and hazel eyes. There is no description of the clothing that she may have been wearing at the time she was last seen.

If you have any information about this missing teen, you are asked to call 911 immediately.