Deputies training for 50 hour non-stop workout camp

For several Richland County Sheriff's Deputies, six a.m. means the start of another two hour workout at the department's Crossfit facility. But this workout is unalike any other and they are getting ready for a big obstacle.

Sheriff Leon Lott, along with 10 other deputies, will be going to a Sealfit camp in California next month. They will take part in a 50 hour non-stop intensive course; which will be led by a former Navy Seal. The camp waived the fee for deputies; and the department is paying for airfare with seized drug money.

According to Richland One Crossfit Trainer Scott Puckett, who is also a deputy, there is one big difference between sealfit and crossfit.

"Workouts in crossfit would last anywhere between five minutes to an hour. These workouts last anywhere between an hour and a half and two hours; some are longer."

To get ready for the grueling event, the members recently locked themselves in and exercised for 12 hours straight. They also did team drills in Myrtle Beach by carrying 300 pound logs at the beach.

Senior Deputy Ricky Johnson said the hardest part is inside the head.

"After a certain point, it becomes mental. Your body is just going to have to keep going. And that is where your mental preparation comes in; just trying to survive it."

Monday's workout was called "The fight gone bad". It consisted of five exercises for 15 minutes. Deputies had to rotate stations every minute and go 100% the entire time. And if that is not tough enough, each deputy has to wear a vest; adding about 20 pounds during the workout.

Johnson said it helps with real life scenarios.

"Some of those vests are actually heavier than what we carry on duty. It does make it a lot easier when you are out in the field, when you are having to chase a suspect. Your legs are not as tired. Your body is used to it."

Every deputy was exhausted when it was over, but Puckett said it will add longevity to their careers.

"If you are prepared physically for the job, you are very prepared mentally and you are confident in your abilities. Whatever stress that might come along with the job is not as taxing on the body and mind."

A job these competitive men and women want to be in the best shape for when duty calls.

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