Deputy gets shot trying to inturrupt domestic argument

Deputy gets shot trying to inturrupt domestic argument

COLUMBIA (WACH) - An officer trying to inturrupt a domestic argument ended up with bullet wounds.

Around12:30 Sunday morning, Deputy Rooks with the Richland County Sheriff's Department was doing a routine property check at 504 S. Beltline, when he was approach by a concerned resident. That person told the officer there was a loud argument taking place in the "E" building.

As Dep. Rooks approach the apartment he could hear the argument and tried knocking on the door. That's when he says shots were fired through the door, hitting him. Upon the arrival of additional officers, 23 year old Jacob Mabry came out of the apartment, seemingly disoriented and was arrested for attempted murder. Police found 23 year old Regina Loundagin inside the apartment and arrested her for possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Both suspects were taken to Palmetto health for observation. Deputy Rooks was treated for non life-threatening injuries.