Deputy out of hospital, resting after being shot

Richland County Deputy Sheila Aull is recovering after being shot in the chest while wearing a bullet proof vest.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - The deputy whose life was saved by a bullet proof vest in a shooting Tuesday is out of the hospital and resting, according to Richland County Sheriff's Department officials.

Deputy Sheila Aull was shot in the chest during an exchange of fire between deputies and 24-year-old Adam Jurgen Tuesday afternoon. Jurgen was killed in the shooting.

Capt. Chris Cowan credits the bullet proof vest with saving Aull's life.

Sheriff Leon Lott released the following statement Wednesday morning:

â??We were fortunate in yesterday's shooting because Deputy Aull and the other deputies could have easily lost their life or suffered serious injuries. We do all we can to protect our deputies and community by providing the Deputies with the best equipment and training. Yesterday proved the value of both. The deputies constantly train on proper techniques and firearm training which prevented any deputy or citizen from being injured while the threat of the shooter was eliminated. Every deputy is issued a protective vest and is required to wear it. I believe it is my responsibly to provide each one a vest as part of their normal equipment issue and we should never rely on the community or special groups to provide vests for the deputies -- That should be a priority for any Sheriff, Chief, and local government. Yesterday proved just what a life saving piece of equipment the vest is when it is worn. Deputy Aull is sore but doing very well and she will be returning to full duty very soon.â??