Determined voters make their voices heard despite long lines

Voters came out to vote early on Monday.

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Jessica Bright came to the Richland County Election Office Monday to vote early and to avoid the traffic.

But that was not the case when she got there.

"I got here around 11:45 and I am still waiting in line. I was really surprised at how long the line is," said Bright.

The Columbia woman said the line was moving steady and knows it will only be longer on Tuesday.

Some voters had to wait nearly two hours Monday afternoon in the absentee ballot lines.

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Many like Jaquin Bradley were determined to make their vote count.

"I am a college student and I will be directly affected by the outcome of the vote. If we do not have any financial aid, then I will probably be out because I am using financial aid," said Bradley.

County Elections Executive Director Lillian McBride said by Monday afternoon, 40,844 absentee ballots had been cast. She urges residents to know the issues before they head to the polls.

"Make sure they educate themselves on the amendment and the sales tax referendum so they will not get frustrated when they go in there," said McBride.

Something Jessica Bright did before she ever showed up to make her voice heard.

"It is your god given right to vote, so you need to come out and vote. I am really proud to see so many people out here," said Bright.

Officials also advise voters to bring either a voter registration card, South Carolina drivers license or DMV issued identifiation card; along with plenty of time and patience.

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