DHEC changes the filing process of death certificates

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH / AP) â?? A change in the way funeral directors and coroners file death certificates is planned for South Carolina, starting in September, as a requirement to file electronically goes into effect.

The Department of Health and Environmental Control electronic filing will save money and allow families to get the documents to confirm a loved one's death quicker for life insurance and other purposes. According to DHEC, the system was implemented in 2005, and many coroners and funeral directors already use the agencyâ??s system.

The law will apply to all coroners and funeral directors, except for funeral directors who file less than 12 death certificates per year, or someone who serves as an unpaid funeral director for family or a friend.

DHEC says it will offer training to anyone who needs it for the new system.

(The AP contributed to this story)