#DIFF - it can make a difference behind the wheel

<p>The Drive it Forward Friday movement is designed to cut down on the number of injuries and deaths each year at the hands of road rage.</p>

Tylerâ??s Travel Log: Serenity now â?? Drive it Forward Friday

Road rage accounts for over 1500 incidents of injuries or death every year. In fact, a recent survey showed that four out of five drivers have negative experiences at the hands of another. A new movement sponsored by Insurance is hoping to raise awareness and cut that number down with their Drive it Forward Friday initiative.

It seems simple enough, be friendly and courteous when you are behind the wheel. Allow drivers to get into your lane. Let it go when you are cut off, or someone doesnâ??t let you in, and fight the urge to use the horn or express your displeasure with follow motorist with the use of â??sign language.

By tweeting #DIFF, you are becoming part of the movement. By taking the pledge, Safeco is hoping to reduce injuries and foster a pleasant drive.


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