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      Discovery of Gabbiee Swainson may lead investigators to another missing midlands woman

      KERSHAW COUNTY (WACH) -- The discovery of 15 year old Gabbiee Swainson's body two weeks ago has the Kershaw County Sheriffs Office searching the same area for another missing woman.

      "Freddie Grant buried one person there and it was not far from his home so a reasonable person would think we should give it another look," said Sheriff Jim Matthews.

      28 year old Adriana Laster was last seen with Freddie Grant in september 2011.

      Grant pled guilty to killing Gabbiee Swainson earlier this month.

      During the search for Swainson Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews says Richland County Deputies found evidence in Grants home that may connect him to Lasters disappearance.

      "It indicated there had been some sort of violence towards this other woman," adds Matthews.

      Matthews says the methods Grant used to hide Swainsons body were unconventional, pointing out graves tend to be shallow and it's obvious the ground has been disturbed

      In Swainsons case the teen's body was buried five feet below the ground too deep for cadaver dogs to detect.

      The Sheriff is getting some help from new technology and forensic archaeology.

      "Ground penetrating radar, which I think most people are familiar with because of television," said Dr. Jonathan Leader.

      Dr. Leader is the state archaeologist.

      The equipment his team will use in the search for laster can detect if there has been a disturbance under ground.

      The area they search is made into a specialized grid and if they find a disturbance they mark the area then come back later for analysis.

      Still, even with that technology leaders says searches can take years.

      "It's not a 30 minute solve, some cases that we've worked on have been worked on pretty thoroughly for 10 years or more.

      The good news is that law enforcement tends to grind and continue to grind and continue work on these things until there done," adds Dr. Leader.

      "The main goal right now is to find the body to help the family get some closure in this whole matter.

      I'm sure they are as troubled about the lost of their loved one as Miss Swainson is about Gabbiee," concludes Matthews.

      Matthews says the search for Laster will begin after several days of dry weather.