Does your resume stand out in a stack of 200?

COLUMBIA (WACH)"South Carolina unemployment is still among the highest in the country at 11.1 percent, according to August 2011 data. To help displaced workers, the Richland County Public Library offers the services and expertise of a job center, offering advice and counseling to people who may not have been on the job search for many years.

In this weeks Back To Work segment, RCPL Job Rediness Trainer Lori Cook offered several pointers on creating an effective resume . Objective is out, profile is in, says Cook, making the point that the objective of any resume is to find employment. She suggests that in place of the standing To find a position| that the initial statement a potential employer sees is a snap shot of skill and ability. "It's a business card, including your contact information and a brief profile right off the bat." When a resume is in a stack 200 or 300 of other qualified candidates, an employer may only take 15 seconds to look at it.

The length of your resume is also an important consideration. "One page is best, but 2 is ok if there is a lot of great information," says Cook.

The Richland County Public Library Job Center is open to the public, with no cost, and a library membership is not needed. There is no appointment necessary utilize the services. Information can be found on the library website , or by calling 803.799.9084