Dog festival to raise money for local shelter

Chester is available for adoption at PET'S, Inc.

SOUTH CONGAREE, SC (WACH) - A festival for dogs will be held at a Midlands church Saturday afternoon to raise money for a local animal shelter.

The Dog Festival has been organized by Katie Walker and Taylor Meetze and will be held at Ebenezer Pentecostal Holiness Church Youth Center at 501 Church Street in South Congaree from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

The event, which is in its second year, donates all proceeds to PETS, Inc. The Carolinas Humane Society.

Last year, the festival raised $247 in donations for the organization, and the girls hope to raise more than $500 this year.

"I enjoy seeing eveybody happy, and raising money for the animals, and helping them out. I think that's what we both enjoy the most," said Walker who has seven dogs, five birds, and a "bunch of pets"

Meetze has one dog, two hamsters, two hermit crabs, and one fish.

"We both just have a big heart for animals," said Walker.

There will be games, an Easter egg hunt, contests, food, face painting, and dogs available for adoption through PET'S, Inc. at the festival.

People are encouraged to bring their well-behaved dogs along with a donation of any size to the event.

"We are grateful that Taylor and her friends are putting another event together to show off our shelter dogs and cats. It was a lot of fun before and I'm sure our dogs will enjoy this one too!" said Tabitha Laudenslager, PET's, Inc. Operations Administrator.

Here is information on the dogs pictured above that are currently available for adoption at PET'S, Inc.:

Big Texas is a really ... really big 2 year old German Shepherd/Newfoundland mix. We have no idea why his family didn't want him anymore. He is a sweet, gentle giant of a dog who seems to like everyone and other dogs. He does have a lot of hair but once he'is on a good diet he won't be shedding a lot.

We think Texas would make an ideal companion for children of any age.

Nox is a big boy ... a Great Dane/Shepherd mix. He is two years old, He is housetrained, great with the family's children and friendly with strangers. He enjoys playing with other dogs. He just can't share his food. We have seen this before with many dogs. The solution is often as simple as changing to a more nutritious diet and establishing a different feeding routine. The trick is to make dogs more comfortable with the fact that they will have all that they need and that shortage of nutrition will never be an issue again. Even dogs that have plenty of food often feel hungry because something is missing from their diet that keeps them from feeling sated. Some nationally advertised pet foods are so deficient that they actually make the animals feel hungry.

Nox has been neutereed and has had all vaccines. He's a great dog that just needs a little adjustment to his routines.

It's hard to look at Marmalade without grimmacing. She is a testatment to the suffering some animals endure when their owners lose interest ... which happens far too often as puppies grow into dogs. Marmalade is malnourished and has been for a long time. She has poor muscle and bone developement. She needs a good diet and lots of exercise but even more importantly she needs a true animal lover to see the wonderful dog she can be ... and to give her the chance she's never had to be a devoted companion.

Chester is a good dog ... most of the time. He shares nicely with other dogs ... even his toys or his bed. He is a little standoffish with strangers but once he gets to know them he demonstrates his affection by bringing them his toys. He's not really expecting them to play with him. He's just giving them the things he considers wonderful so they can be happy too. He's not destructive or noisy and he doesn't dig or climb fences. Chester needs a home with a fenced yard (because he's not really good about staying close when he's off-leash) and someone with a bit of patience to help him over his trust issues. In return he will be a loving and loyal companion. He is willing to share his home with other dogs and cats ... but not with ducks. And that is why Chester is at PETS, Inc.