Dog found with eyes gouged out in Greenville

Photo Credit: WHNS

GREENVILLE (WHNS) -- A dog was found with its eyes gouged out, and a veterinarian said it was blinded on purpose.

Gandolf is a 9-month-old spitz mix who was found wandering along Grove Road in Greenville.

Dr. Ann Malphrus, of North Greenville Animal Hospital, said she is not sure what happened to the pup, but said his injuries suggest it was done on purpose.

"If he had been in a fight with another dog, he would have had bites all over him.," Malphrus said.

Malphrus said Gandolf's eye sockets were stitched shut. She said now that he is blind, Gandolf will have to use his sense of smell and hearing to function.

The animal shelter that took in Gandolf, Noah's Ark, is trying to find him a home. For more information on adopting the injured pup, go to

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