Dog left to starve now fighting for her life

Pickles is so malnourished you can see her ribs and hip bones.

WEST COLUMBIA (WACH)-- A dog found starving with a jar on her head is fighting for her life.

After several days of chasing the dog, some good samaritans finally were able to catch her and brought her to Pets Inc.

Workers there named her Pickles because of the pickle jar on her head.

Jane Brundage with Pets Inc. says it appears someone intentionally put the jar on her so she would starve to death. The jar had holes poked into it so she could breathe but not eat.

â??When she got here she was so weak she couldnâ??t stand,â?? said Brundage Wednesday afternoon. â??She couldnâ??t hold food or water. It was really scary. We really didnâ??t think she was gonna survive.â??

In the short time Pickles has been at Pets Inc., sheâ??s improved a lot. She can now stand and walk around, but sheâ??s not out of the woods yet. Workers are keeping a close eye on her to make sure there is no organ damage caused by her not eating for so long.

Pickles is so skinny you can see all of her ribs and hip bones through her fur.

Brundage says the shelter was already full when Pickles arrived, but they couldnâ??t turn her away because of the situation. Brundage is asking for donations to help pay for Pickles and other animalsâ?? food and medical costs.

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