Dogs...a diabetic's best friend?

Annie is a golden-doodle and has been a Diabetic Alert Dog since she was 16 weeks old.

COLUMBIA (WACH)-Diabetic Alert Dogs or DADS are trained to recognize and react to the scent the body gives off during the chemical change produced by a high or low blood sugar.

November is National Diabetes Awareness month, Diabetic Alert Dogs by Zakk and Dr. Tracy Duffner or Cornerstone Veterinary Care, sat down on Good Day Columbia to explain why dogs can sense and react to a change in human's blood sugar levels.

Zakk Wrabiutza is a Type 1 diabetic and was introduced to his alert dog "Annie" when she was 16 weeks old. He currently trains diabetic alert dogs from as early as 7 weeks old to alert other's living with the disease.