D.O.R. Director in the hot seat

Columbia (WACH)--Department of Revenue Director Jim Etter faced some tough questions Tuesday as he addressed concerns from state senators.

"You say well you're going to get the answer, may this afternoon maybe not,' said Senator Hugh Leatherman.

Etter said that the DOR is proactively working to help rectify the security breach but some senators say that it's not enough.

"Every tax payer every individual needs to take responsibility for their own account that doesn't say it's not our responsibility too," said Etter.

In Tuesday's meeting Etter announced that some State ID numbers of corporations have also been breached.

Under the current plan corporations not covered.

Etter stated that he would make a recommendation to get them covered under a different service.

Many of the senators proposed solutions about how to get people enrolled in the free credit protection program.

A major concern is for the elderly, minors and those serving their country and how they will meet the January 31st credit protection program.

"That's not going to work, you have people 85 and older they system it's too complicated for them to navigate," said Senator John Matthews.

The credit protection program is free to South Carolina tax payers.

The deadline to enroll in the program is January 31st.