Downtown streets flood after thunderstorm

Flooding at 300 Main / James Hale

Parts of Columbia experienced flooding as a result of a heavy downpour that swept through the Midlands Monday afternoon.

Several low lying streets in Columbia saw deep water quickly pour in around 2 p.m.

One car could be seen in a few feet of water on Pickens Street on the University of South Carolina.

WACH Fox News talked to the driver of the vehicle.

He says he didn't realize the water was so deep and the next thing he knew, his car cut off and he felt like he was floating away.

Five Points was also under water Monday afternoon. One car got stuck and several shops were ankle deep in water.

"All the mulch and pine straw covered the drains and the water couldn't drain so we had to pull it out with our hands," says business owner Debbie McDaniel.

Shop owners had to close their doors, but most are up and running again.

The corner of Whaley and Main also flooded and Maxcy Gregg Park was described as a river submerged by more than a foot of water.

Officials say 2.13 inches of rain fell in one hour.

The water resided for the most part around 4 p.m., and eye-witnesses say it went down as fast as it came up.

Officials urge motorists to avoid driving through standing water on roadways.

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