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      Drill Sergeants competing for Army's top honors

      FORT JACKSON (WACH) -- For three days and thirty hours the Army's best Drill Sergeants are back in basic training.

      The six Drill Sergeants are competing to become the Army's Drill Sergeant of the year.

      "To win this would be the greatest thing I've done in my military career," said Staff Sergeant William Schmidt.

      When most people think of Drill Sergeants they think of movies like Full Metal Jacket, screaming, cursing, pointing and getting punched.

      These soldiers say they have a much different role than most people think.

      "Drill Sergeants yes will be stern individual, yes will enforce the standards but he's a mentor, sometimes he has to play a father figure role, sometimes he has to approach as big brother," said Staff Sergeant Steven Newman.

      "There's a lot of training involved so usually the Privates are continuously moving , so there really is not a whole lot of time that they'll have to themselves to do something to make a Drill Sergeants upset," adds Staff Sergeant William Schmidt.

      While hands on training is important for future soldiers, education is key and one class that Drill Sergeants say really opens eyes during basic training is sexual harassment.

      These leaders say it opens the doors to helping young men and women.

      "If you have an issue come talk to us, we'll take the hat off and you know just speak to us man to man, man to woman," adds Staff Sergeant Schmidt.