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      Driver blood alcohol recommendation shrinks to .05%

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Controversy is swirling around a federal recommendation to lower blood alcohol limits for drivers.

      Driving after one or two drinks could soon be all it takes to get a D.U.I. At least that is what the National Transportation Safety Board is working to accomplish, after voting unanimously to shrink the driver blood alcohol content standard from .08% to .05%.

      Advocates say tighter restrictions will help keep people in check on the roads.

      "I think it would give more opportunity for people to be aware of their drinking in public and how it affects [people] once they get on a public road and drive -- that they may think twice about how much they partake," said David Longstreet, whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver last year.

      State Rep. Todd Rutherford disagrees.

      "People don't know what they would blow now, so when you lower the standard, all you're going to do is arrest more people, but you're not going to stop anybody from driving drunk," said Rutherford.

      He says a better solution would be to add programs that would help treat people with drinking problems in order to keep them from getting in the car in the first place.