Driver did not exceed speed limit in fatal DUI crash that killed couple


Columbia, S.C. (WACH)-- WACH FOX has received new information on the fatal DUI crash that killed a mother and father last month.

A collision report shows 21-year-old Clarise Payano was driving between 55 and 67 miles per hour when she ran off the roadway and struck a couple on I-20 near Wilson Boulevard.

The overall speed limit on I-20 is 70 miles per hour.

Investigators say 39-year-old Kekima Alexander and 32-year-old Latoya Garcia had car trouble and were stalled on the side of the road at the time of the crash.

The couple's one-year-old son survived the crash.

Payano was under the influence at the time of the collision and marijuana was found inside of the car.

She has been charged with two counts of felony DUI and considered to be a danger to the community

Friends and family of Payano stated that she was a good girl who was in her third year of college, that made a big mistake.

Link to original story: Victims identified, bond denied for woman charged in fatal DUI crash

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