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      DSS, SC hospitals sued over gender assignment surgery

      COLUMBIA (WACH / AP) -- Itâ??s a lawsuit that is raising some eyebrows across South Carolina. The state of South Carolina and two hospitals are being sued after being accused of performing an unnecessary sex change surgery.

      Pamela and John Mark Crawford are the parents of M.C, who they adopted as a toddler. According to the Crawfordâ??s and the lawsuit, M.C. was born with an intersex condition, which the Crawfordâ??s were aware of at the time of adoption.

      However, the child was under the care of the South Carolina Department of Social Services when the lawsuit claims doctors elected to have surgery on the then 16-month old child, turning M.C. into a girl.

      The child, who is now eight years old, identifies himself as boy.

      â??This was a child who wanted to do the things that are stereotypically male. So the tree climbing the bug catching, always assembling spy gear,â?? says John Mark Crawford, M.C.â??s Father.

      The lawsuit says doctors with the Greenville Hospital System and Medical University of South Carolina had no right to have this surgery because the child was not mature enough to make their own decision.

      â??When the state decided M.C. should be a girl and then decided to enforce that with irreversible genital surgery, they violated his civil rights to privacy,â?? says Anne Tamar- MAttis, Advocates for Informed Choice.

      The Crawfordâ??s say they want this lawsuit to serve as awareness to an issue that has been kept in the dark for years. They don't want other families to have to endure the struggles they have.

      The Southern Poverty Law Center, Advocates for Informed Choice and Janet, Jenner & Suggs and Steptoe & Johnson LLP filed the lawsuit.

      WACH Fox reached out to the South Carolina Department of Social Services for a comment. but calls were not immediately returned.

      (The Associated Press contributed to this report.)