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      DUI driver to spend ten years in prison for killing six-year-old

      LEXINGTON, SC (WACH) -- A judge sentenced Billy Hutto to ten years in prison for killing Emma Longstreet, 6, when he was driving drunk and hit the car she was in on New Year's Day, 2012.

      Just before his sentencing, Billy Hutto spoke for himself about the moment that changed his and the Longstreets' lives forever.

      "I do not know why it could not have been me and not Emma," said Hutto. "Emma was an innocent child and her life priceless."

      Emma Longstreet's parents spoke against Hutto, saying the crash that killed their daughter was not the first time Hutto was caught drinking and driving.

      "I can't remember if at that time I found out that he'd been convicted or if I found out later that he's had DUIs before," said Emma's mom.

      Hutto was convicted for driving under the influence in 2009.

      "Frankly, except for that, my job could be somewhat easier today, and my sentence could be somewhat lenient," said the judge.

      Hutto revealed his DUI has destroyed his own family. His first child was born a year ago while Hutto was in jail.

      "He will soon be a year old," said Hutto. "He will never know me as dad. As a consequence of my mistakes, I have given my son up for adoption. He was adopted by two very loving people, and they will show him the love that he deserves for I will not be able to."

      Since his daughter's death, David Longstreet has worked tirelessly to have state lawmakers toughen DUI laws in South Carolina, introducing Emma's Law. Hutto also stood behind Emma's Law in his testimony Monday.