Dutch Fork Middle School teacher goes above call of duty

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No one can deny just how important teachers are in our children's lives.

Monday kicks off "National Teacher Appreciation Week" and one Dutch Fork Middle School teacher is going above and beyond her call of duty.

It takes a special person to get in front of the classroom every day and Lori Wenzinger is exactly that.

She's an eighth grade social studies teacher at Dutch Fork Middle School.

She's been teaching for 23-years now and knew this was her calling from an early age.

"I wanted to teach since I was five years old and it is living out my dream," she says.

And her dream comes to life every day through her students.

"Kids are discovering what they think and how they're thinking. You laugh a lot. You have a lot of fun and you get to help them make real world connections and make history come alive," explains the ACTION Adviser.

"She relates our lessons about social studies to being a good community leader and leading action," says 8th grader Vishwa Diwan.

Vishwa Diwan is part of the ACTION for Unity team led by Wenzinger.

They're working on skits about bullying with the help of the Columbia Fireflies.

One of the players attributes his success to a teacher he had growing up.

"They do a lot for kids. You know because they see that we're the future and sometimes at home things cannot be going so good. Some kids look forward to getting to school and if you have that one special teacher that you know you're like oh man to like second period to get to that class," says Milton Ramos.

"I love what I do and I'm very lucky and blessed to have this job," adds Wenzinger.

There's a saying, "The world is but a canvas to the imagination" and Lori Wenzinger is helping paint it bright.

Wenzinger's ACTION for Unity team has one more week to continue working on their anti-bullying skits.

The students will perform them and the winning skit will be shown on the big board at a Fireflies game.

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