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      Early voters crowd the polls

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Early voters lined up Tuesday afternoon outside the Richland County Administration Building.

      "I think this is one of the most important elections we'll face in our lifetime," said voter Christine Mallos.

      Christine Mallos is one of many who showed up to vote early to vote Tuesday.

      The retired military colonel said the economy is among several pertinent issues driving this year's election.

      "The economy is definitely the key factor along with the international scene right now..whats going on in the Mideast," said Mallos.

      Another early voter Carrie Pernesky also said she is worried about the economy.

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      "I'm a social worker so social services programs are very important to me, and without funding for those programs I don't have a job and a lot of people who need those services won't get those services," said Pernesky.

      Although the Presidential Election is first and foremost on everyone's mind, Robert Thompson is heading to the polls early with focused primarily on a local issue; that issue the penny sales tax.

      "Some people feel that we don't need it, but I do I think that it's necessary in a city this size, you should have a bus line." said Thompson.

      For information on polling places click here.