Eight year old raises money to help rebuild school

COLUMBIA,SC (WACH) -- After years of watching her grandfather help people in Vietnam, Clara Wilson decided to take on a fundraising project of her own.

The eight year old, managed to raise 12,000 dollars to help rebuild a school in Vietnam.

The school was destroyed by a typhoon in 2009.

Clara raised the funds with the help and organization of a website called Citizen Effect.

She juggled a couple different ways to come up with the money, such as making bottle cap necklaces and selling lemonade.

Her most lucrative idea involved Nexsen Pruett, a fundraiser where employees could pay to wear jeans in their offices.

Clara's grandfather Benjamin Wilson started a non-profit 14 years ago, which financially helps the people of Vietnam.

His non-profit assists people with medical expenses, learning programs, and overtime has helped to build more than 500 homes for families.

Wilson first traveled to the country for business, and quickly his heart went out to the Vietnamese people.

Now he travels to the country 2 months out of the year, and to the many he has helped he is known as Mr. Ben.

He has seen how many lack basic everyday needs such as decent food, clothing, and shelter.

"They are very industrious people, if they don't make but 30 dollars a month, they save a dollar. They will put a dollar away," said Wilson.

Wilson is proud of his grandaughter and says that she has a wonderful heart for the children in Vietnam.