Eighth grader arrested with gun at Camden Middle School

A .38 revolver was found on a 13-year-old boy at Camden Middle School Tuesday.

CAMDEN, S.C. (WACH)- An eighth grader is in trouble with the law after being caught with a loaded revolver and box cutter at Camden Middle School Tuesday morning.

An incident report issued by Camden Police said the 13-year-old student's classmates saw a loaded handgun in the boy's backpack. One of the students told a teacher. In turn, the teacher told the school's assistant principal, John Mastrovito. Mastrovito searched the 13-year-old boy's locker. The school resource officer and Mastrovito found a .38 caliber pistol along with a box cutter.

The student did not make any threats or hurt anyone. The report said the boy later told officers he brought the gun because felt threatened by people to whom he owed money. The gun belongs to the boy's grandfather.

The boy was arrested and taken to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia, He's been suspended from school and recommended for expulsion.

Camden Police Chief Joe Floyd praised the way the students and school personnel handled the situation. Floyd said, "We have a safe school and our parents are teaching our students to do the right thing."