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      Election Commission Board hears final report on November election mess

      RICHLAND COUNTY (WACH) - Seven months after Richland County's botched November election, officials heard a final report on what went wrong leading up to a day where voters waited up to eight hours to cast a ballot.

      Attorney Steve Hamm presented the report on the election mess to the Election Commission Board Thursday, saying a former part-time employee's hand-written list lead to a lack of voting machines on election day.

      Hamm says the former worker's crumpled up list was given to another employee to transfer the numbers on to the proper forms. However, Hamm says that list was inaccurate.

      Hamm has informed law enforcement, but he is unsure if they will take action.

      "It is only this single individual that I have concluded intentionally made inaccurate and misleading statements. Why, I don't know," said Hamm.

      Hamm's report also showed a lack of oversight during election day planning, leading to a shortage of machines that caused all of the long lines in some parts of Richland County.

      Hamm says responsibility for these problems falls on several people.

      "It is this Board's responsibility to require that your staff provide you with ongoing information that will give you an idea of whether or not you're on a program on a path that's going to lead to a successful election," said Hamm.

      Hamm's report also notes that misaligned ballots, misplaced ballots and the possibility of uncounted votes are major problems that need to be corrected.

      Former Elections Director Lillian McBride resigned in the wake of the controversy earlier this year. She is still employed by the county in a different role.