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      Election day problems costing Richland County big bucks

      RICHLAND COUNTY (WACH) -- Last year's election in Richland County was a day of extremely long lines and wait times, and now the election day voting mess is going to cost you a pretty penny to clean up.

      According to The State newspaper, it will cost taxpayers more than 150,000 dollars in legal fees to investigate what went wrong on election day.

      The costs will also cover attorney fees for then election director Lillian McBride.

      The reports show Richland County did not have enough working voting machines on November 6.

      The final ballots were not cast until after midnight.

      "I'm frustrated with the process county council was not briefed when any of these attorney were hired. I did not cast a vote to hire any of these attorneys and tomorrow because of that process, It never came across my desk for approval, I will be voting against it," Said county councilman Seth Rose

      Rose adds county council has no authority over the election commission due to state law.