Election preview: Brady and Bernstein race for District 78

As election day approaches, it's campaign crunch time for candidates.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- As election day approaches, it's campaign crunch time for candidates.

The race for District 78 is between Republican State Representative Joan Brady and candidate Beth Bernstein.

Both candidates are busy going door to door campainging.

Brady is familiar with campaigning in the area; she is serving her fifth term in the House.

She says she has made a name for herself focusing on issues important to her constituants.

"I have been a strong and effective advocate for our families, our women, children, and bringing jobs to South Carolina," said Brady.

The Republican believes her experience serving as Mayor of Arcadia Lakes, a member of Richland County Council, and years as State Representative helps her serve her district.

"I come to the General Sssembly with a background of local government experience which is wonderful because although we like to concentrate on legislative issues, so much of the work as a Legislature is constituent service," said Brady.

While Brady brings experience to the race, there is a new face running against her who has something different to offer to voters.

"I'm not a career politician. I'm doing this because I care about this community," said Beth Bernstein.

Democrat Beth Bernstein is a local attorney who says it's time for change.

"You know, when bad things are happening, responsible people really need to step up and try to make a difference and thats why I have decided to run," said Bernstein.

Bernstein says ethical leadership played a major role in deciding to run against Brady.

"We have become distrustful of people representing us and that's wrong we should be able to repose trust in those leaders and until we have that we are not going to have good representation," said Bernstein.