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      Election preview: Kirkman Finlay and Joe McCulloch fighting for House District 75

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Columbia attorney Joe McCulloch is on the campaign trail hoping he can bring change to the statehouse. McCulloch says taxes, the economy and jobs are top on his to-do list.

      'People are very unhappy with the political system. They are frustrated, they are dissatisfied with the leadership," said the Democrat candidate McCulloch.

      While this is McCulloch's first time seeking office he says his experience as a small business owner and lawyer will help make a difference.

      "I've seen the world through the same prism that most of the people in this district have. They want people that will go down take the hard issues and not worry about tomorrow, but fix the problems today," added McCulloch.

      His GOP opponent, former Columbia City Councilman Kirkman Finlay, hopes he'll be returning to public service. He says the economy has been a big concern in the district.

      "I'm someone who tells you very clearly where I stand, I'm not going to raise your taxes. I think the state can do better job of spending it's money," said Finlay.

      While both candidates see jobs, education and ethics as major problems in the state, they disagree on the ways to fix them.

      "Those are issues I'm willing to take head on and deal with. I'd argue that occasionally my opponent does not want to take issues head on," added Finlay.

      "Unfortunately I think that his experience on council shows that he's willing to take issues head on but he hasn't been effective at reaching solutions," said McCulloch