Election Preview: Randy Halfacre and Steve MacDougall battling to be the leader in Lexington

LEXINGTON (WACH) -- Lexington town councilman Steve MacDougall is a familiar face in Lexington.

He was elected to council two years ago and now he's hoping to lead his hometown.

MacDougall points out during his two years on council, he's seen a lot, including a investigation into town councilman Danny Frazier's role in a high stakes gambling operation.

That case is still under investigation.

"It's time to get rid of that factor that we had in lexington that held us down and made us look so bad and get away from the criminal investigations, the criminal probes," Said MacDougall.

"We dealt with that over a year ago, probably 14 months. We took immediate speedy action and we did everything we could within the law ," said Mayor Randy Halfacre.

Mayor Halfacre is ready to press forward, under his watch the town has seen it's largest growth period in it's 152 year history, however that growth creating traffic trouble.

Halfacre bringing in a high tech traffic control system to Lexington, that would allow a computer to control traffic signals.

MacDougall says the system will help but argues it isn't a long term solution.

"This is the plan that they cam up with eight years ago. This town can not stand to wait another eight years for more traffic plans," adds MacDougall.

"In 2004 we had no traffic plan, so we had no money. Since that time we developed a traffic plan with the help of SC DOT, we now have over 60 and a half million dollars of funding," said Halfacre.

MacDougall and Halfacre are the only ones battling for any office on this ballot.

"We've not had a choice for mayor for the last two years. I believe that we have elections for a reason, I believe the people of the town of Lexington waned a choice," concludes MacDougall.

"The citizens are very happy the way we have taken the town, the way we're growing the town , the way we're moving the town. Actually I've had no one step up to run against me externally," adds Halfacre.

Halfacre promises he won't be seeking another term after this election cycle.

He tells WACH Fox he just wants to ensure he finishes what he started nine years ago.