Elvia Swainson holds on to the hope Gabbiee will be found

Elvia Swainson organized a community search Saturday for her daughter Gabbiee.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A math test 15 year old Gabbiee aced still hangs on her mother's refrigerator and pictures capturing some of the teens happiest moments are spread throughout the house, for Elvia Swainson they have become symbols of hope.

"I cant wait for her to come home so she can get the full story of everything we have gone through to try to find her," said Elvia.

The single mother's life has dramatically changed since her daughter went missing back in August.

"No one feels the urgency like a parent feels the urgency "like do this now, do this now, we have to do this now," waiting is the hardest part, waiting because you dont know day to day what to do," said Elvia.

She now spends her time looking for her daughter.

During a community search Saturday, Elvia and others walked door to door passing out fliers asking about Gabbiee.

Many gave her the same response, that they knew nothing but had heard about her on the news, it's the way many know the teens story.

Since Gabbiee vanished her story has captured the community's attention.

Investigators have released details surrounding her disappearence and even released the name of a suspect whom they believed kidnapped her.

The suspect is 52 year old Freddie Grant, and according to investigators he knew the Swainson family.

"To feel like someone that you had not felt would be a threat to the family or anything like that, is actually someone they consider to be a suspect, that's heartwrenching in itself and to me a complete betrayal,"said Elvia.

Elvia said she is going to keep looking for her daughter no matter what, and she refuses to give up.

Since Gabbiee dissappeared Elvia said she has had to deal with multiple issues on top of her child going missing, such as false social media sites.

The single mother said,"The official Gabbiee facebook website is "Help us find Gabbiee" with two e's. This is the only website that was created by the family of Gabrielle Swainson for spreading awareness and gathering assistance from the community.

Elvia said other websites were created by other random people who did not request permission from anyone to do so.

"Some of the websites may have been created for genuine concern, others for gossip columns, or personal profit which would seem a cruel act due to no consideration of the additional pain inflicted on the parents, relatives and friends of Gabrielle Swainson," said Elvia.

"My main focus is to find my child,everything else...doesn't matter to me,"said Elvia.