Elvia Swainson: I thought I'd found Gabbiee

"Well of course I thought she was calling me finally, and it was not my baby," said Elvia Swainson.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Gabbiee's mother says she thought she had found her daughter when she received a call from the missing teen's phone.

"Well of course I thought she was calling me finally, and it was not my baby," said Elvia Swainson.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott says it was three weeks ago that Gabbiee's number showed up on Elvia's phone, and she missed the call.

"I can only imagine the emotions that ran through her when she looked at her phone and saw that she'd missed the call," said Lott.

Elvia says when she called back, a young girl answered saying she had found the phone in Myrtle Beach. Investigators say it was not a clue as to Gabbiee's whereabouts.

"We know the phone was planted there," said Lott. "We know that Gabbiee was not in Myrtle Beach. That just is part of a plan that Freddie Grant had that he involved his daughter in."

Grant's daughter, Dominique Grant, was charged Thursday with helping her father cover up Gabbiee's location.

Elvia Swainson spoke at Dominique Grant's bond hearing Thursday.

"What I wanted the judge to realize, which I'm sure everybody has realized, is that these have been some long and grueling months," said Elvia. "It's almost a year, and those months -- I can't get that back."

Lott says the discovery of Gabbiee's phone and the arrest of Dominique Grant have not changed the investigation, and the focus is still on one prime suspect.

"Freddie holds the key," said Lott. "He knows where Gabbiee's at, and he's not telling us. He's just continuing to demonstrate just what a terrible person he is -- what a monster he is. He continues to torment Gabbiee's mom. He continues to torment this community by keeping silent and not letting us know where she's at, but we're not gonna give up. We're not gonna give up."

Lott says investigators are still working under the assumption that Gabbiee is alive.