Emma's Law passed by the Senate

Emma's Law

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Emma's Law has passed the Senate.

Last week, a unanimous vote by House lawmakers sent Emma's Law back to the Senate.

The proposed measure passed the Senate last session, but due to amendments added by the House members, Senate members had to re-vote on the measure.

The bill will now go to Gov. Nikki Haley's desk to sign into law.

The Longstreet family is hoping for Gov. Haley to sign off on the bill on May 29th, which is Emma's Birthday.

For one of the Bill's biggest supporters, that day can't come soon enough.

"It's one of those times when you know when you're doing it that it has a meaningful impact on South Carolinians and it will save lives, there's no question. And if we can get this Bill passed and hopefully get the Senate to concur in those amendments, we'll start saving lives immediately." says Representative Rick Quinn, who has been a public supporter of the Bill since its inception.

"It is a...I guess a campaign...or a look for more improvement so maybe next year we can get a little bit better on the Bill and look at some of these amendements that were discussed previously in the committee meetings and we can make them probably into a law." David Longstreet states.