Emmy award winning Greg Alan Williams teaching in acting workshop

Columbia, SC (WACH) - Walking on Water (WOW) Productions, hosted an all-day workshop for its in-house actors, led by Emmy Award-winning Greg Alan Williams.

Visiting WOW Production's new Performing Arts Center for the workshop, Williams comes from Atlanta as the most experienced acting teacher, who has starred in several movies and sitcoms like Remember the Titans and BET's The Game.

Williams visited the new Performing Arts Center, to help WOW's actors get ready for their new stage play, â??Confessions of a Good Manâ??.

â??Confession's of a Good Manâ?? will be staged at Harbison Theatre at Midlands Technical College July 25th through July 28th, where national Gospel recording artists, Blance McAllister-Dykes, will grace the stage.

Today's workshop also served as a launch for WOW's performing Arts Center, which provides acting and playwriting training for adults and teens.

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