Ethics and security are top of mind for law makers in 2013

Ethics, security, and election process are top of mind for the 2013 session.

COLUMBIA (WACH)â??Reforming ethics, election laws, and more security for taxpayers are among the top issues on law makers minds as a new legislative session starts next week.

Senate Judiciary Chairman

Larry Martin

says up first, his committee will immediately take up legislation that eliminates the potential for another election mess. About 250 candidates statewide were removed from primary ballots over what many considered a paperwork technicality.

Itâ??s felt that ethics reform will likely move much slower.

Lawmakers also plan to debate on ways to and how much money to spend on computer security in the wake of the hacking incident that stole the tax information for millions of people and businesses in South Carolina.

Lawmakers convene on January 8, 2013.

(The AP contributed to this story)