Ex-Gaston town officials arrested

The town of Gaston is in financial and political turmoil.

SLED agents have arrested former Mayor Larry Sharpe and the former town clerk, Jessica Poole and her mother, the one-time town administrator, Jennifer Poole. All three are charged with misconduct in office and obtaining property under false pretenses valuing $5,000 or more. They were booked at the Lexington County Detention Center.

The arrests don't surprise Mike Gantt. He leads a group of concerned Gaston residents that asked for official documents tracking town finances.

"We weren't instigating anything in this town. We were only trying to bring to light the wrong doing was going on, " says Mike Gantt

Gantt found receipts showing town officials were racking up big bills on the tax payers dime, things like expensive dinners and oceanfront hotel rooms.

Gantt says, "They financially destroyed this town. They have broken the trust that was bestowed on them. Now justice needs to be served promptly and swiftly."

According to Gantt, this scandal will help the town in the long run. He says, "It's going to start to heal community." Rebuilding that community's trust may be a long process.

The investigation isn't over. A source tells WACH FOX NEWS more arrests are possible in this case. For now, Larry Sharpe, Jennifer Poole and Jessica Poole will face trial on May 16.

Larry Sharpe

Jennifer Poole

Jessica Poole