Exclusive: Richland 2's new incoming superintendent breaking barriers

WACH Fox sits down with new Richland 2 superintendent.

COLUMBIA (WACH) --- Richland School District 2 welcomes a brand new leader.

Superintendent Dr. Debbie Hamm is retiring and Dr. Baron Davis will now lead.

It's a new and an historic chapter for Dr. Baron Davis.

The former administrator will now lead more than 27-thousand students.

He's now the first African-American superintendent for Richland School District 2.

“I realize it does have some historical concept to it so you want to sit a good example and I think if you focus on being the best you can be, you let your work speak for itself,” says Dr. Baron Davis, Superintendent Richland 2.

Dr. Davis is no stranger to Columbia.

“I actually grew up in the housing projects in Allen/Benedict Court Saxon homes and attended public schools in Richland School District 1,” says Dr. Davis.

He says he wanted to make a change in his community through education

So he attended Francis Marion for undergrad and then went to USC for all his other degrees including a doctorate. He eventually became an administrator for schools across the Midlands.

“Orangeburg 4 that was my very first principal ship back in 2008. Spent two years there. Four years in Richland 1 at Alcorn Middle School and back to Spring Valley for two years and then to the district office,” says Dr. Davis.

His accomplishments and work ethic got the attention of the Richland 2 school board.

Last July he was named superintendent -elect.

He says since than he's being following a 3-part transition plan with Dr. Debbie Hamm.

Dr. Davis says his plans to enhance the district as the new leader is already in motion.

“Sharing our new strategic plan which will serve as our north star for the next three years and the next step is getting our strategic plan out to the community,” says Dr. Davis.

That plan is broken down like this:

“Those five principles are innovation, diversity and multicultural inclusion and use of data establishing effective partnerships and communication,” says Dr. Davis.

he says he will continue being a visible administrator.

“I plan to visit schools on a regular basis. Observing what’s going on in the classrooms,” says Dr. Davis.

Dr. Davis says he's looking forward to making Richland 2 the premier school district.

“I’m not going at it alone. I have a phenomenal team and my executive staff. We have phenomenal principals, wonderful teachers and students and we have a community,” says Dr. Davis.

Dr. Davis will official become superintendent this Saturday July 1st.

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